Veterans photos

I apologize for not writing more posts, but we have been swamped with veteran photos! Everyday we have a steady stream of visitors bringing in photos and service information of local veterans. We now have almost 300 new photos to hang on the wall. Although the official deadline has past, it will be several weeks before we actually hang the photos, so if you have not brought yours in, please do so as soon as possible so we can include you in this round.

(Once the update is complete, we’ll continue collecting photos and hold them until the next update, so keep ’em coming folks!)

The stories shared are the best part of this project! Pope County has been represented in all branches in all time periods. We have people who served in the traditional infantry and artillery type positions that one normally thinks about, but also as logicians, musicians, dentists, basketball players, special forces, clerical positions, chaplains, cooks, truck drivers, weapons specialists and many other positions. We have people who helped test the hydrogen bomb in the Pacific, survived the Bataan Death March, liberated concentration camps, cleared tunnels in Viet Nam, dropped behind enemy lines in gliders designed to crash land, survived missile silo disasters in the Cold War, and other activities too numerous to mention.

While each story will be added to that person’s file, I have started a rough spreadsheet listing dates and location of service for future researchers to use and continue.

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This blog is primarily written by Ann Grandy, Assistant Curator.
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