Own a little bit of Pope County / Skiing History

This summer, Robert Kaldahl donated a large collection of items to the museum to sell to raise money. Most of the items went to a local auction, but a few special things were held back to sell to a wider audience.

Tuddy Kaldahl’s ski jumping clothes are now on e-bay. If you are interested in seeing them or bidding, just click on the items and you’ll go right to the site.

Sweaters, a jacket, 2 pair of pants and another 2 pair of pants are all available.

Don’t worry, we have a full set of his ski clothes here at the museum. We’ll be using the money generated by the auction to purchase a mannequin to display the clothes in our ski exhibit.

Oliver “Tuddy” Kaldahl was a Norwegian Skiing Pioneer.   Born November 9, 1900 – he was on skis at a very young age.  A native of Pope County USA himself – his family came from Norway and were among some of the first settlers in the Glenwood, Minnesota area around 1868.

In 1916, Oliver “Tuddy” Kaldahl was the junior ski jump champion at the first National Ski Championship held in Glenwood, Minnesota.   He set the American record for 4 years straight and in 1921, won the Canadian National Class A crown.   Tuddy, as he was most often called, went onto compete and win numerous events throughout his skiing career and became highly celebrated.

For a number of years he was part of the winter sports staff at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec.  He was also one of the skiers to introduce the sport at Lake Tahoe in 1930.   Tuddy attended the winter Olympic games regularly and won his last event in 1951 at the Central U.S. Ski Association in Dalton MN.

Mr. Kaldahl, as well as being a famous skier of his time, was also well known as the co-manager of the Lakeside Ballroom for many years.

There is also a ski annual from Montreal that was part of his collection that is also available on e-Bay.

They are interesting items and will help raise money for a good cause. Happy Bidding!

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