Starbuck Ski Jumping Tournament

Starbuck Ski Tournament 2/16/1910

100 years ago today (February 16th 1910), a large ski jumping competition was held in Starbuck, MN. Here is the report from the Glenwood Herald of February 18, 1910:

The annual ski tournament at Starbuck last Wednesday was fairly well attended despite the extremely cold weather and the severe storm of the preceding day.  The roads were almost impassable in many places and prevented a large number of people from attending.  Some of the skiers failed to attend on account of the blockade on other railroads.  In spite of these untoward circumstances the tournament was a great success, and the spectators were treated to a fine exhibition of the Norwegian sport.  Nine professional skiers participated.  The longest standing jump, 104 feet, was won by Tollef Hemmestvedt.  The twin jump was made by Knute Helland and Ole Melgaard.  Lysgaard and Aasum, two Starbuck boys, tried the jump, but found the new slide a trifle speedy and had some difficulty in landing right side up.  Starbuck now has a regularly organized ski club and is a member of the National association.  The enterprising gentlemen of Starbuck deserve no little credit for the work they are doing in creating an interest among the people of this section in the great Norwegian National pastime.

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