Collection Highlight – Alaskan Doll

This 14 inch high doll has a carved wooden face is part of the Cleora Helbing Native American Arts and Crafts Exhibit.

According to Miss Helbing’s own notes, “It is dressed in a completely authentic Eskimo costume: white ermine parka and mukluks, brown wolverine ruff framing the face (wolverine was used around the face because it did not frost up in the cold when the wearer breathed), and brown martin tassels used in many places as trim. Black and red bands decorate the hem and yoke of the parka. The doll’s hair is made of grayish fur, and the details of the carved wooden face and hands are painted in. This doll was given to me by Louise Davis.”

The jacket has very fine beadwork. The doll even has an undergarment. We believe that the hands are carved from bone.

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