Volunteer opportunities

After Wednesday’s volunteer fair, I thought I would share our wish list with you. If there is anything on this list that sounds interesting to you, just let me know and I’ll get you set up.

Volunteer Opportunities at the Pope County Museum

We have projects to suit just about every interest or talent.

Our mission is to “foster among people and awareness of Pope County History so that they may draw strength and perspective from the past and find purpose for the future.”

A few of the projects on our wish list include:


We have an extensive textile collection. To display or store garments on hangers, the hangers must be padded to protect the delicate fabric. Making padded hangers is a project that could be done at home or here at the museum.


Recording history is an on-going project. Current events, buildings, street scenes and people need to be photographed for future generations. We can set you up with a digital camera and map.

Data Entry

Taking or scanning photographs is only part of the project. To be valuable, information about the image needs to be recorded. The who, what, where, why and when of the image will be important to future researchers.


We are currently taking a comprehensive inventory of the museum’s collection. As we move through the gallery, the exhibits will be updated. Volunteers can do anything from updating the labels to working with the curator to redesign an entire exhibit.


Create, distribute and collect personal history questionnaires. Early Pope County residents provided personal histories for our files that explained what life was like in Pope County in during their lifetimes. We would like to collect Pope County memories from current residents.

We have information to distribute throughout the area. Volunteers are needed to help distribute brochures to area hotels, resorts, motels, restaurants, gas stations, and other businesses.

Tour Guides

Our tour guides lead groups large and small of all ages through the museum and buildings. We will provide training.

Handyman /Handywoman

As with most organizations, we always have something that needs cleaning, repair, or painting. The list of projects changes frequently.

Office work

Office work never ends. There are always envelops to stuff, newsletters to prepare, reference cards to type, files to pull, etc.

Event Hostess

Several times during the year, we hold special events such as a lecture or an open house. As good Minnesotans, we always have coffee and goodies. Hostesses and bakers are needed to make the social time a success.


The heirloom garden of traditional flowers by our front entrance could always use a little TLC from someone with a green thumb.

About popecountymuseum

This blog is primarily written by Ann Grandy, Assistant Curator.
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