Mystery item

Can you help us identify this item?

Mystery object

Mystery object

It is 23″ long, 10″ wide at its widest point and appears to have been sliced as it is exactly 1 inch thick. The large hole in the middle is 2.5 x 3″.

It looks spongy in the center, but it is composed of a hard material. Our guess is that it is some kind of bone.

Any thoughts or guesses? If it is a bone, what part of what kind of animal do you think it is? If it is not bone, what do you think it could be?

Mystery object - side

Mystery object – side

Mystery object - detail

Mystery object – detail

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1 Response to Mystery item

  1. Roger Larson says:

    I am guessing it is something that a sailor would use and it probably came from a Whale. Maybe something for mending a net and hole is where the rope is attached.

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